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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Outfit #60 - Realisation

Outfit details:

Pants: Hot Options.  Tops: Ambra and Dotti.  Shoes: Pulp.  Earrings: gift.

My realisation?  I don't like pants.  The trouser kind, that is.  I felt frumpy all day, too much bunched up around my middle, not very flattering.  No wonder the cat next door was looking at me funny.

Earrings are those I wear for mariachi... should be another one coming up soonish...

I think I've said this every time I've worn these this year - but these shoes are on the way out.  Truly.  As soon as I find a replacement, they're outta here.

Today's photo:

Walking to the station this afternoon, the clouds looked so interesting.  I didn't catch the smokiness but this type of cloud reminds me of sand at the beach.

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