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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Outfit #114 - Attic Brain

Sherlock Holmes' theory of the brain as an attic is not one to which I subscribe.  However, I felt today he may have a point.  My brain was working out scarf and cardigan and kid surprises and neglected the essentials of hat and sunglasses.  Quite a few other ditz moments today but I won't give evidence against myself.

Skirt: Jeanswest.  Top: Sportsgirl (op shop).  Singlet: Ice.  Shoes: Target.  Earrings: Cose Belle.  Necklace and bracelet: made by me.

This was my first stripes and florals pattern mix.  Yes, it's quite a subtle stripe... The top with this singlet was rather annoying, it kept drifting down my shoulders.  I'm not sure I'm ready for bold stripes with a floral, but you never know!

It seems my earrings these days are a little camera-shy.  If you have an urgent need to see this pair, you can here.  My last student at school said she like my earrings, and then screwed up her face.  "Is that necklace... Well, are they meant to look like crushed lady bugs?"  Lovely.

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