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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Outfit #119 - Opinions

Several people commented on how I looked today.  All with a different opinion.

Dress: Caroline Morgan.  Tank (probably not too visible, but it's a layer): Ambra.  Shoes: Target.  Earrings: The Silver Shop (I think).  Bracelets: made by me.  Necklace: from Jeannie, I think.

When I got to school, I still had my hair out.  One teacher complimented me and asked to take photos as she's wanting something different for her own hair.  I got to grade 3, and one kid asked as I was tuning his violin, "Why is your hair so messy?".  I tied it back. 

Later in grade 3, one piped up with "I love your necklace".  "I love her bracelet".  "No, I love the pink one." "My favourite is the green one, it's so pretty!".   Feeling the love.

I am pleased to report I did another before-work gym session this morning.  That, combined with the rather windy conditions of today, resulted in the windswept/messy situation.  I get to go back to school this evening for a music festival, and I'm foreseeing an extra layer of long sleeves - it's getting chilly out there.


  1. I adore messy hair :) but I can't quite tell on the outfit. Is that 2 dresses layered?? I like the fun pink color, but not sure if it shows off your cute figure very well.

  2. It's a weird dress. The first time I wore it to school, one kid asked (with the fashion police facial expression) if it was an apron, so that's how I think of it now. It's just one dress, a longer black layer with a pink layer over it. I agree it's not all that flattering, but I always receive compliments when I wear it so it's not in the 'only at home' pile just yet!
    I adore messy hair too - but I have to remember it can be scary for the little people :)