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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Outfit #122 - Secondary Theme

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that last week was all florals.  I had a plan for a theme for this week (which is still on, kinda), but a secondary theme appears to be happening: last minute changes.  Yesterday I didn't wear the shirt as planned.  Today, I just couldn't face the thought of long pants and high heels.  Mostly due to the high heels.  So I wore my softest flat shoes, and a skirt.
Top: Regatta.  Skirt: Temt (op shop).  Ribbon: from a Katies skirt.  Shoes: Target.  Necklace: Kinki Gerlinki.  Earrings (not visible, but they're on!): good question. 
I seem to be lacking my personal space bubble right now.  I get the end-of-term hugs, that's okay.  But people touching my hair because it's got a new cut - really?  And a grade 3 just started fiddling with the bow around my waist because it's pretty - a bit unnerving.  On the upside, this was the first day I felt my hair behaved as I wanted.  Win.

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