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Friday, 1 March 2013

The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne

On Wednesday evening, I performed with the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne.  I've seen their posters up around Brisbane for years, but never been to a concert.  But this year, I was asked to be a 'ring-in' player for their Brisbane concert.  A touring group of 4 German players, with 2 Aussies thrown into the mix for the tour, they had 3 extras for the Brisbane concert.  Plus a flautist.  We had a 4pm rehearsal and an 8pm concert.  I expected the rehearsal to last until about 7, a short break for dinner, then the concert.  No.  Rehearsal until just after 5... 

Rehearsal was more of a 'top and tail' affair, which was good in that they expected us to know this music, and to be able to count and read key signatures.  And having less rehearsal ensured my adrenaline was running for the concert.  One of the pieces was the Bach Double - I'm quite familiar with the solo parts.  I have never played the tutti parts (I was the 2nd violin tutti part for this).  I have also never succeeded in playing either of the solo parts of the 3rd movement without stuffing up rhythm.  This made me very nervous.  But it went off without a hitch.  Most of the music was well-known (Mozart, Vivaldi's Winter, some Paganini and Monti) and it was refreshing to hear a different take on these works - not to mention how inspiring it is to see and hear this music performed live, with such energy.
Dinner was at a Japanese place on Adelaide St (with a view of the cathedral).  I had the miso ramen and a chilled green tea.

If you get a chance to see these players (they have 16 more concerts on this Australian tour), I highly recommend them. 

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