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Friday, 16 November 2012

Becoming a Recipe Contributor

Recently, I made a banana custard slice with a recipe I found on the Natvia site.  The recipe had no photo, so once I'd made it (and, naturally, photographed it), I sent through the photo.  The photo is now the photo for that recipe - a little thrill right there.

In communication while sending through the photo, though, I was asked if I would like to be a regular contributor and tester.  The best bit - they send me stuff!  First I had to ask the people around me who would be likely eating the products if this was okay.  Grudgingly, yes...  So long as it's not too healthy.  As this is a sugar-type product, I'm pretty sure it will still be not so healthy, at least in flavour.  I just had to send my postal address so they could deliver free food to me.  Easy.  Looking forward to trying out some new recipes and inventing new combinations too.

Today's photo:

For a little while, the bridge on my violin has been ... not amazing.  Just a little bit bent.  Last week I took him in for either a new bridge or a repair, and went with the repair option.  Today I got to pick him up - ooh... So good to have him back, all fixed up and running smoothly again.

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