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Monday, 19 November 2012

Movie #28 - Star Trek

Last night, I had my first ever Star Trek experience.  For real.  I'm pretty sure the friend who introduced me to this was a bit gob-smacked that I hadn't seen any Star Trek or Star Wars (yes - it's true).  We were just going to watch the very very beginning (actually so I could experience blu-ray for the first time) but then ... well, I don't like to leave things unfinished.  We watched the whole thing. 

Things I learned:
There are movies and tv series (I hadn't realised this before).
It's really great to watch something as iconic as this with someone who knows about it.  Short of watching every Star Trek movie and tv episode myself, then watching and going [lightbulb] aahhhh! - having someone knowledgeable (but not totally gung-ho) was a pretty good option.
Well, I could go on and on... But the other thing about watching an iconic movie like this, is that I now recognise some of the references from the Simpsons.  Yay!

Things I liked:
It makes your brain work.  Not just a plot that does a 3 act drama, this one made my brain try to work out how this had happened, tying it in with what I was learning about the previous shows that were really coming after this in time... kinda... and I know that once I've watched more, there will be more things I'll notice. 
The violence isn't overdone.  There were some bits that made me cringe or get a sympathetic twinge, but not overly.  And you didn't have to see close-ups of fighting or blood-splatters or anything.
Simon Pegg.  And, not Simon Pegg as recognisable from any of the ice-cream movies, but in an actually different role.  He does make me laugh.
The music is really well done.
I recognised the writers from Hawaii Five-O (I'm not great at recognising non-actor names).
I know it's cheesy, but the costumes.  So sixties and reminiscent of Austin Powers.  Love it.

Without having watched any other bits of this, the whole destiny thing is something I'd like to see a bit more.  That idea of our history, our past, the bits of time that have gone before us that have contributed to the way we are, the way others see us, the way we see ourselves - whether or not we are getting into the whole space/time travel thing, this is something so close to us that we don't even realise it's a part of us sometimes.

Today's photo:

Today's photo is really yesterday's photo x 2.  The first is from the 3rd storm of the day - I was at church in the evening and the clouds looked pretty impressive around the city.  Massive storm - we had to delay the service because all you could hear was the downpour.  The streets in the city, and around my neighbourhood, are all covered in debris today.  A bit further out of the city though (where some of my brothers and their families live) was really badly hit.

The second - much calmer - is my first try of gnoccho - a combination of shell pasta with gnocchi.  Love the little scoops with sauce!

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