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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Faure Requiem

The Faure Requiem is right up there in my list of Favourite Works.  I have played the violin solo part before (with choir and organ), but nothing more - apart from repeated listening.  So when I was asked to be part of a small orchestra performing it with a choir, of course I said yes.  Even though the performance was on the Sunshine Coast. 

Oh, the other thing about this requiem - solo violin part, yes, but no first or second violins.  First viola or second viola.  And the usual cello, bass, percussion and woodwind stuff.  So the person organising the orchestra had to find people who could play violin and viola comfortably (we also did a Schubert mass and the real Brandenburg Concerto #3).  This is good for me.  I really consider myself a violinist who can play viola, but it's good for my brain to get a workout with viola clef.  It also boosts my confidence with my viola students.  On the downside, I now have a really sore neck (although, admittedly, this could be from this morning's workout...).  Sore necks don't happen to me with violin.

It wasn't a perfect performance - for my own part, I had a bit of clefilepsy, and there were a couple of other slips from others (but not huge or glaringly obvious).  However, it was one of those that confirm for me why I am a musician.  During the introit, I looked into the audience, and saw a woman with eyes closed, smiling.  I know this doesn't sound like much, but she was so obviously enjoying this, and a part of what we were creating at that time.  It made the trip all worthwhile.

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