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Sunday, 18 November 2012


Yesterday morning, I was told I would be playing poker in the evening.  Probably.  Probably turned into, actually, yes.  It had been a long while since my last poker game.  Although I was rather more sober than the other participants throughout the evening, I still lost. 

But that's not the point.  At the start of the night, these poker-playing scotch drinkers suggested I try some scotch.  Having been around scotch drinkers a lot, but not having had any of it myself, I was curious.  I had a shot with them.  Apparently, the first scotch for the night is in a shot glass, and you sip it first, then scull.  The sip I enjoyed, and the rest of it too - although I couldn't manage to scull it all in one.  Mine was the one on the left, if you were in doubt at all.

Of course, conversation returned at various points in the evening to scotch, and smoky versus not smoky and all that.  This wasn't smoky (I guess I have to try a smoky scotch eventually), but its aroma was very apple-y (in my uneducated opinion). 

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