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Friday, 2 November 2012

The Shingle Inn

Last night, I had a really deep - and helpful - conversation about this blog (among other things).  Unfortunately, today's New Thing was a new coffee place.  Not very deep.  I hadn't had a new coffee for ages though (excluding trips to Melbourne) and life is rather hectic right now.

I had a few things to do in the city, but by the time I arrived (after a hair appointment) I was in the unfocused-I-need-coffee-now stage.  The Shingle Inn in the Myer centre was the first suitable option, and I was very impressed with my self-restraint in not indulging in a sugar-fat something. 

The service was good - staff with brains, a coffee that was quick enough but not at the expense of quality.  The coffee was reasonable - not amazing but better than the surrounding options. 

Today's photo:

In between the hair appointment and city stuff, I did something I've been meaning to do for ages (as in, a few years) - I took photos of the trees around the Wesley Hospital.  I was a bit late in the season for the money shot of jacarandas, but found these trees along a small street leading to Coronation Drive.  The overall effect of the trees was stunning but not great for photographing thanks to the cars.  I like the little curled-up buds though.

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