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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Outfit #100 - Need More Coffee

Last night, I went to trivia at the Pig and Whistle for the first time.  Loads of fun.  We came last.

Skirt: Sunny Girl (op shop).  Top: Hot Options.  Shoes: Target.  Earrings: David Jones I think.  Necklace: made by me.

A late night plus an early start - although, not as early as it should have been (you know the "I'm totally getting up soon...really" sleep-in) - resulted in not enough time for coffee (agh!) and a very sleepy Anna.  The coffee I finally had at home was fabulous.

I think of this necklace as my flood necklace.  It took such a long time to make, but all was done while watching coverage of the extreme weather last weekend.  Happily, I can wear it while playing.  Surprisingly, I had a grade 3 boy (yes, new group of grade 3s had their first string experience today) tell me he really liked it.  Ooh, and my hair started off like this - 2 minutes later, I remembered why I normally wear it back.  It gets caught in the chin rest.  Ouch.

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