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Friday, 15 February 2013

The Lenten Discipline 2013

Lent began on Wednesday.  This year, I'm doing some things the same, some different.

Last year I gave up alcohol and peanut butter, and took up drawing.  This year, I'm giving up alcohol again.  After last Easter I realised peanut butter and I just can't have a healthy relationship, so haven't had any in the house since some time in May.  (I confess, I had a tiny bit at my parents' house before Christmas).  Instead of peanut butter, then, I'm giving up sugar.  The first time I did this was under a nutritionist's instructions and included honey and dried fruit too (and I felt amazing!).  This year I'm allowing honey and dried fruit as most of my healthy recipes include these things.  It means, though, no chocolate (unless I make a healthy version myself), and no yummy cupcakes baked by a fellow staff member and left with a note in the staffroom asking us to eat them please.  I was so good yesterday!

So that's me this year, effectively.  There were a couple of other things but I had a change of mind over the last few days.  I still have the financial penalty system for slip-ups and social occasions where it's more offensive not to partake than it is to stick to the whole discipline thing. 

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