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Friday, 8 February 2013

The Goal Board

When I worked out my resolutions for the year, I thought it would be nice to make them all pretty and stick them on a wall or something.  Like a vision board, but without the usual stuff that often goes along with them.  Before today, I just had the resolutions written out on a piece of notepaper.  I could predict it would go astray within another month.  Today at the gym, there was a snippet on the tv about having a vision board and I thought, I should totally do this.  I braved the Friday afternoon shopping centre (never good for my state of mind), and visited the stationery department of Kmart.  Magnetic board for $8.  Done. 

I haven't worked out a good place for it yet.  The spot I thought would work really well is still a maybe (adjacent to the kitchen, next to my Camerata calendar), but not a definite.  The placement of the calendar means the goal board would be either too high or too low.  So I'm still looking for a place where it will be readily visible for me but not my students, and looking for some colourful things to attach. 

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