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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Outfit #105 - From Jeannie

You may have noticed, many of my clothes come from Jeannie.  Today, they're all from Jeannie.
Dress: Backstage.  Shoes: Zoe & Zac.  Earrings: ?
The shoes do hurt a little though, so I have to pick my days carefully - today I only had junior quartet, and some parts to photocopy in the office, taking me out of my teaching room.  Which was a good thing, too, considering the rain.  Not from Jeannie (or even photographed) were the rain coat and umbrella.  They weren't used all that much.
One girl came in and said right away, "Ooh I like your dress... and your shoes!  Very cute.  But - oh - did you hurt your feet?"  when she saw the (preemptive) Bandaids.

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