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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Outfit #99 - Holiday Brain

Today I had a serious case of holiday brain.  So did many of my students.  Thankfully, they all remembered to put the violin on the left shoulder and hold the bow in their right hand.

Dress: no label (from Jeannie, from an op shop).  Tank: Jeanswest.  Shoes: Target.  Pendant: gift.  Earrings and bracelet: made by me.

Things I left at home today included lip gloss or even lip balm; ear phones; and an umbrella.  I got lucky with the umbrella situation - it rained about 3 minutes after I took the last outdoor photo.

Yes - I like these shoes far more than I expected.  Yes - this is now on my list of favourite bracelets.  And yes - you miss out on a head shot today.  Again.  It's for the best.

Slightly more disconcerting than looming rain clouds was the cat next door watching me as I took photos.  I'm not sure if I prefer a feline or human checking out my activities.

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