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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cartel Coffee

There is a coffee cart on Adelaide St that has often tempted me.  Cartel Coffee has that Havana vibe, I think from the little motif of a hat.  Clever.  I had never bought a coffee from there though, I'm not quite sure why.  So when Aidan said on Sunday that the coffee place outside his work does pretty fantastic coffee, and my brain put together his workplace and the coffee cart that is Cartel Coffee, I was excited.  We arranged to meet for coffee today.

This is really good coffee.  They certainly live up to their mission: good coffee, good service, good ... um... I forget the other thing.  But it was good.  I even broke with tradition (I know, right?!) and ordered a cinna-cino.  Yummy, but I think I'd stick with regular cappuccino in future.

Apart from having a very cool "I'm in Cuba" vibe (yeah, not the actual cartel association), it's organic, and it's Fair Trade.  I like.  And you get bonus feet in the photo.

Monday's photo:

First thunderstorm of the season.  I love summer storms.  This wasn't the most amazing, but it's still getting into the groove so I can deal.

Today's photo:

Early morning sunlight plus kangaroo paw (plus spider web strands).

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