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Friday, 14 September 2012

The Haircut

Today was hair day.  I've mentioned before that I usually think about my hair on my way to have it done...and that's about it.  Last night, I was thinking I really want long hair.  When I got to my hairdresser, she asked how it's been.  I said it's been fine...but I'm a bit bored.  Quick as a flash, she said, do you want to go shorter?  And then she played around with my hair a bit.  I'd been thinking about this style for a little while - a little while, as in a few years - but having done the growing out thing for so long, I still had a little part of me that wanted to have Mrs Smith's hair.  (Ok, Angelina Jolie's hair.  Or Ziva's hair.  Or - you get the idea).  I decided to be brave.  And accept that I don't have a team of hairxperts, nor the patience, to volumize my hair on a daily basis. 

As my hairdresser began, she took a deep breath too - she'd never cut my hair this short. 

It's always nice, though, when the hairdresser says they think it looks fabulous.  I'm very happy with it, too.  And there'll be a neater, less windswept, photo later, I'm sure. 

Today's photo:

The first gig today was in Maleny, at Tiffany's Chapel.  Amazing views of the Glasshouse Mountains.  We stopped on the way home to take a photo.

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