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Monday, 17 September 2012

New Food - Kale

I first heard of kale in May or June last year.  It was one of the options in the Zone eating plan, but not readily available in the local supermarkets.  Nor was it included in the organic fruit and vegetable delivery box.  Fast forward to last weekend, when I did lots of gardening - including edibles (lettuce and spinach).  Trainer Dan then told me about the kale his mother is growing, and then kale was listed in the specials for the delivery box.  I took a deep breath, and ordered some. 

As it turns out, a bunch of kale is huge.  When I open the fridge, it feels like all I see is kale.  (Well, all right - it takes up more than half a shelf).  So last night I included it - as well as tonight - and it's on the menu for tomorrow night and, most likely, Wednesday night as well.  Good thing it's just about the healthiest green thing out there.

So right now my dinners are consisting of stirfried kale, bok choy, and some protein source.  And herbs from my garden.

Speaking of protein sources - I've finally found a tofu I actually like.  Previously, I've either used firm tofu and reminded myself that it's good for me, it's good for me, it's good for me... or silken tofu, and have it spread itself all over the meal.  Not attractive or suitable for guests.  But now I've found this tofu listed as firm tofu, which is just firm enough to hold its shape when cooked but silken enough that it tastes beautiful. Win.

I actually first bought it 2 weeks ago but didn't think it would be such a win.  Now I have a photo though.

Today's photo:

Needing a bit more in the carbs department, I had half an orange then snacked on blueberries after the tofu-kale stirfry.  Obviously, feeling super healthy right now.  More chocolate required.

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